The Best 15 Analytics Tools a Business Owner Should Know

The major buzz in the world of internet marketing and online businesses today is that Google’s latest update to its evergreen search engine algorithm is going to change the landscape of link building. The following information will explain what this latest update means for Internet marketers, businesses, and website owners in general. Link building is an imperative strategy for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google rely on link popularity and authority to rank a website high in their rankings. When using SEO strategies, it is important to be able to obtain links from quality websites that have similar content to yours and to be able to have those links indexed and shown to the search engines through various methods.


The new Google analytics tools for business owners are aimed at providing additional information for these strategies. One such method of evaluating your website’s performance as part of a campaign to promote a new website or product line is through the use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics can be accessed through your website or can be integrated directly into your website. This particular analytics tool’s major purpose is to provide search engines with detailed information about how visitors use your website.


One amongst the most common questions concerning these top tools for SEO is how useful they really are. If you do not know anything about Google Analytics and how to interpret the information, it can be overwhelming to understand how you can use this to improve your business.

  • Understanding how Google Analytics works and how you can use it to your benefit is the first step towards improving your search engine optimization.

  • This information is also useful for comparing the performance of different web pages and businesses.

  • Another benefit of Google analytics tools for business owners is that they allow visitors to leave comments and suggestions that can further improve your website and performance.


  • Google Analytics

  • Core metrics

  • Hits Link

  • Web Traffic

  • Chart Beat

  • Fire Click Advanced Warehouse

  • Alexa

  • Woopra

  • ClickTale

  • Compete

  • CrazyEgg

  • ClickDensity

  • Clicky

  • Hitwise

  • Piwik

These tools function differently, but their main attribute is to track the traffic coming to your website, analyze customers’ behaviors while visiting a site and prepare a performance report based on the analysis. If you’re willing for your business to reach all-new heights when it comes to digital marketing, then you can pick any of these tools to help you out along the way.

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